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    Each angler must have the tools to unhook fish. This requires not only the rules but also common sense and ethics. Fishing Pliers quickly and gently bring the bait to deep mouth pike. Both the novice angler and professional must carry a ruler to measure the fish. A very important piece of equipment is a whetstone for hooks and anchors. Safety pins and swivels breaks on hooks with bait, so you might want to have with you on the fishery stocks, such as the 10-20 units in two sizes. Here you van find most usable accesories for anglers.
  • RODS
    Today the choice of rod is not an easy thing, it's so much variety that sometimes we do not know what to choose. Length of most modern spinning on the river is between 240-270cm. This rod is sufficient to rapidly introduce asp bait into the water over a long distance and long-range projections and customs, and allows for fishing in tough conditions. There is no universal rod but if you could choose I would choose the 240cm 21g mass ejection. The rod of such parameters can be used for a wide variety of baits from small spinners and wobblers to 20 grams lures. If you want to catch a slightly larger predators such as chub and dace is the best ultra-light weight about 10g stroke average shares parabolic deflection. These rods work very well with small lures. Conscious catching catfish rods with a choice of at least 100g casting weight.
    The basic element of the set spinning reel can be divided into two types those with a fixed spool and those with mobile (multiplier). The most popular and easy to use a reel with a fixed spool Bow. Multiplier works in fishing lures and heavier when fishing with light projections are too short and less accurate. The size reel is the most important element in the selection of the most common size of reel and how to select the 2000-3000 and can be called the "middle". Another of the basic parameters of the reel is the final drive ratio, the number of turns of the head of the guard per one turn of the handle. In most reel has a ratio of from 3:1 to 7:1. Personally, I recommend spinning 5:1 unless we are looking for super-fast boleni.Niektóre reel for fishing reels are equipped with a brake struggle and it is used to quickly change the braking force in situations awaryjnych.Powinniśmy have included at least one spool up. Or braided fishing line is wound on the spool evenly very positive effect on the length of the projections performed and prevents tangling.
    The selection of suitable veins and braids is not a simple matter. In a situation where the market is full of different models promoted by many manufacturers hard for a good buy, especially for the novice angler. We choose the fish that we are going to go fishing. At the fish skittish and cunning such as Golden orfe and Chub that we can catch in the spring recommend the use of thin veins 0,12-0,16 so that you can comfortably throw a smaller bait. These fish do not use braid because of the greater amount of "bleed" when towing. Line is also a good choice for trout which, due to their bravery and aggressiveness when towing can easily fasten and tear the mouth.   When it comes to braids, I recommend semi-rigid and not taken to the water. Most braids loses color after some time, but we have nothing to worry about. When it comes to colors on cloudy days can be a fluo colors will help us in tracking links and the fish in the water, and so did not see. On sunny days with clear water, gray and dark green will be suitable. Braid is the perfect choice for Zander when you need to feel the gentle zander "photographing" and if taking it firmly jammed in deep water. Taking Pike with braid is a real "kick" and he did not bite her quickly, but it is worth using tungsten leaders. Remember the use of tungsten leader when inclined to pike. Catfish and perch rather not do us harm.
    Lures are a large group of lures made ​​of wood or hard plastic lures sztucznego.Wobler is technically difficult. It is not easy to choose the right lure for the conditions in the fishery, even more difficult to actually run it. Therefore it is extremely important to know the impact of individual structural elements to work przynęty.Najlepsze even setting the lure is useless if the lure is tied directly to the line. That's too bad breaks his work. Wobbler must be attached to the fishing line is always through the curved safety pins or wire wheels. |_. fish species |_. with the flow |_. across mainstream |_. the tide | | Pike | * | *** | *** | | Zander | * | *** | *** | | Sum | ** | *** | *** | | Asp | *** | *** | * | | Chub, Golden orfe | * | ** | *** | | Perch | * | ** | *** | | Barbell | - | ** | *** | | Trout stream | ** | *** | ** | | Trout | ** | *** | ** |
    There are not any secrets, but I think everyone likes her fish. Well feel her work on a stick, easy to drive powerful wave generating hydro acoustic underwater luring predators from a distance. The most classic rotary paddle błytki wide Aglia is a good choice for calm water without strong current when the resistance of water is less. Long slender type pose less resistance thus suitable for water with extremely fast current carried across or against the grain.
    Spoons are profiled piece of metal in the shape of a more or less prolonged. Spoons work falling into the already rocking a slow running exhibit their return. Forced shallow (0.5-1mm) are excellent in shallow waters on calm water and work more aggressively. Miniature light spoons length of 20-30mm is one of the most versatile lures for all species of predators. However, deep drawn a sigmoidal profile are adapted to move even at relatively slow going. The wide spacing wahadłówkach tip anchor should be close to the widest point spinners, but no more. Narrow and long spoons are usually anchors slightly wider apart.
    Soft baits have an advantage over any other type of bait. Well, the fish that bait verify edibility touch "bounce" of hard baits, and soft can be much more oszukać.Dobry TWISTER, whose tail is heavily undulated have a slow running, you can tell by the thickness of the softness of the tail. It should be thin, flat, more wide than narrow and very delikatny.Uzbrojenie twister is a head with a single hook. Cap hook should be in the axis of the body twister and taken outside edge at the junction with the body tail. RIPPER is a soft bait fish in the shape of flat finished, set across the tail fin. Similarly, in the case of grubs, good ripper with live action is soft, especially in the tail throat. Set in the vertical tail ripper well under gravity to bend the armor letter U. Rippers shaped jig heads in such a way that the arc elbow was possible largely off the bait. Fitting output arc should be found in the dorsal part of the bait. Large rippers better armed with extra treble hook as long and thick hook bait may unnecessarily stiffen and her work.
  • JIGS
    Jigs lures, from which, in a sense derived rubber. They have a similar range of applications and the like to control. However, while today, I think everyone spinningista has in its arsenal rippers that twisters, very few use made ​​of feathers bait tied on the head jig or loaded kotwiczce. Roosters are most common among pike hunters, while small jigs can not be missed among lures for trout and perch.
    Size (weight) of the head does not depend on the size of the hook, or the size of the twister. We select only the depth and predictable rate of the lure on the principle that the greater the depth and speed of driving, the greater the head. The selection must be carried out experimentally - the specific fishery. You have to try to choose the head of the smallest - it's better to choose for small than for dużą.Gotowe matching recipes everywhere simply do not exist. There are a whole bunch of shapes of heads but the most common are the ball-shaped heads kuli.Oprócz meet others, such as slightly flattened in the horizontal plane, that it's not too heavy, slow down slightly drooping bait. I do not think that the shape of the head had a significant impact on the operation or łowność. A key role is played by all heads of the mass and the length of the hook, and that these elements should always pay the most attention.
    After a busy season, it is worth to look at our favorite bait or to their anchors do not need sharpening or replacement. On offer we have a thick and very strong Gamakatsu hooks that will certainly withstand any fish. Gamakatsu is offering the Barbless Treble hooks 19 are very sharp even though it is made of thick and strong wire. More and more mountain fisheries requires the use of barbless anchors and the skilful towing will not do us any difference while the fish back into the water much healthier. Special masks (Lipscull) to lure Soft4Play so that the lure will work supernaturalnie. Dozbrojki Soft4Play recommend that perfectly match the baits 9.5 cm and 13 cm ... the rubber work best when the load is not too heavy. I also recommend dozbrojki Spinwalu that our home is the best product.
    Side strap - a sensational way to poor feeding predators in particular perch (if you are lucky you can catch almost any fish of Polish rivers). Side strap method works both in the rivers and waters. As bait mainly use small twisterków and ripperków such to 4cm but we can successfully apply different variants of baits. Recently, very popular are artificial imitations of worms. It should try to tie the bait on przyponie fluorocarbon sure this will increase the number of bites and the set will be less prone to confusion. Drop Shot - method which were brought to us from the United States and was there to catch bass, introduced by competitors. Very quickly, it has been recognized by European anglers who have successfully started using this technique. Drop Shot in Poland is especially in catching perch, zander and pike especially in fisheries with no strong trend (model fishing lake with fish namierzonym position). Well presented and well chosen bait may surprise nice catches of almost every genre. They are excellent bait very flexible about the "gelatinous" work of at least 7cm. The set will need: Hook with eye Palomar knot tied in the section flurocarbonu, weight shift, (or lead head jig with). Experiment with lures!
    Appropriately selected garments provide comfort and convenience of fishing, as well as making them more secure and allows for freedom of movement while fishing.
    Bait containers are also necessary most fairly flat 5cm depth and size of 18x10cm. They should be made of impact-resistant plastic and is resistant to dissolving action rippers and grubs.
    Mix of products for every angler!
    Used to produce cocks, jigs and flies.

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